Racist Bigot neighbor…..

04 Jul

O’siyo all,

My battles continue with “3 doors down” and her white supremacist movement and her racist blog…..which i have printed and sued the site that posted them, i have also sent a “nice” letter to her oil and gas company that she works for warning them if she has sent anything on your time or your equipment to send this and that i know first nations and your major oil and gas company, which i refuse to name, have a good relationship and we wouldn’t want to jeopardize that because of one persons stupidity…….i got a nice letter back from them from the chief legal officer very angry at what i had been dealing with from someone who should be following her own ethics at the company she “preaches” at. What a hypocrite. Even her own peers called the blog “disturbing”.  She even called her own blog entries slanders and racist, i was told about the posts, i didn’t find them, so i monitored them for awhile and then pounced!

Dont **** with me racist bigot, your time is done. and if you do bring it again , be prepped for the first “legal” scalping in 100yrs  is that why you cross the street when you see me?…..scared? i would be… wife would kick your ass..haha…….Wana show down on our street like tombstone, bring it on supporter of genocide, i’ll never blink first!!!  I know your watching…. i’ve been told….go on make a comment i dare you!!!!!

Wandering Crow, on the war path with a shield against evil and a sword of faith unbreakable………….

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