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Coffee is for the week.

O’siyo world!

A beautiful sunny day here in Calgary and i saw the roofer get the crew the usual afternoon coffee..what no slurpee’s boss? Keeping the crew awake? People walking around with Starbucks or Tim Horton’s throughout the neighborhood , wonder if they have sugar or milk cream maybe?

I personally don’t drink coffee or ‘tea’ in a sense. I don’t like the taste of coffee and don’t like the idea of people being abused to harvest it, no thanks. Tea i only drink if it is made by herbal remedy , not tea leafs. Again people are mistreated to harvest it.

I enjoy homemade with 1/4 cup off rose petals and a tea spoon of real honey, no milk of course. Anti oxidants and cancer cure right there. Most plants here in north America have a use, from healing to eating to just plain bug repellent. if you would like more info on native healing and ointments please let me know…

My caffeine drug addiction takes the shape of………..Pepsi……..yes! caffeine is a controlled substance just like cannabis or alcohol.

Please don’t support slave labor , support fair trade.

Wandering Crow.

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Racist Bigot neighbor…..

O’siyo all,

My battles continue with “3 doors down” and her white supremacist movement and her racist blog…..which i have printed and sued the site that posted them, i have also sent a “nice” letter to her oil and gas company that she works for warning them if she has sent anything on your time or your equipment to send this and that i know first nations and your major oil and gas company, which i refuse to name, have a good relationship and we wouldn’t want to jeopardize that because of one persons stupidity…….i got a nice letter back from them from the chief legal officer very angry at what i had been dealing with from someone who should be following her own ethics at the company she “preaches” at. What a hypocrite. Even her own peers called the blog “disturbing”.  She even called her own blog entries slanders and racist, i was told about the posts, i didn’t find them, so i monitored them for awhile and then pounced!

Dont **** with me racist bigot, your time is done. and if you do bring it again , be prepped for the first “legal” scalping in 100yrs  is that why you cross the street when you see me?…..scared? i would be… wife would kick your ass..haha…….Wana show down on our street like tombstone, bring it on supporter of genocide, i’ll never blink first!!!  I know your watching…. i’ve been told….go on make a comment i dare you!!!!!

Wandering Crow, on the war path with a shield against evil and a sword of faith unbreakable………….

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Hate is a powerful word.

O’siyo all,

HATE, a word we see used much much more than it should, for the wrong reasons in the wrong context. When should it be used? if ever…in my opinion its more of an action that a word.

“God i hate this show”, “i hate this dress”, ” i hate waiting” “i hate you”……..just a fraction of some.
The nazi’s “Hate” was no more than what the Spanish did to the south Americans or the genocide in Rwanada or against GLBTG and many more. And i use that every time i hear the word used. I teach my children everyday not to use this. It to me is the worst four letter word.

I think, even as an aboriginal person, the making of hate crime laws here in Canada was a terrible idea that could have been done. Now you have given each separate group their own law, dividing us further, why?..isn’t an attack on a black/yellow/red/white man that’s racially motivated a crime against us all? A crime against our society and peace? no matter the skin color, religion, culture. we are all supposed to be equal , that’s what we are “led” to believe. People now pull their “Race card” for just about anything. We have created a monster that will bring our society to its knee’s and here’s an example , I wonder if its illegal in Canada to deny the Holocaust of its first nations people? or the churches sexual assault of children? many deliberately infected with diseases to go back to there clans to wipe them out? or the Rwandan genocide, i bet you there’s no crime against it..but if you deny what happened in Europe,(and we all know what happened), off to jail we go! we don’t want the hypocrisy, we want equality.

One man said to me that the world couldn’t believe white people were killing white people in the camps , i said to him it wasn’t just Jews, there were so many other races, disabled, mentally ill, black africann’s the french used in combat, black americans, first nations and so many more, the world was in those camps and in Japanese camps too. We have learned nothing and its only getting worse, we will see “race” wars erupt here in north America. I do find it disturbing that when people arrive in countries they have waited years to come too, they always join huge protests on how we are so evil and that we should be destroyed, especially in England..yet they scream for us to help them in there struggle….now isn’t that hate? It takes unity to defeat Hate, stand together as human beings, no color, no faith, just courage, i know i have done it very recently.

We must learn how to trust each other and to be trustworthy,

Wandering Crow.

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Hope Has a Place.

O’siyo world and thanks to all those who have dropped by and read my blog on,, Copperhead road 2.

I have opened this message too, to link both so you may have the best time reading from where ever you are, hundreds across the world have dropped by from all nations and beliefs.

I do have Hope for our world, that one day after a global disaster , we will finally live ina peaceful and clean world. Because it will take something that massive to change our minds, to reach out on pathways of light to reach our own shambala.


Wandering Crow.

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